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Friday, September 15, 2006


Hello, People of the Internet. Check out Scienceline.org where I will be posting blog entries. I am announcing THE SECOND "CROSSTOWN" HIATUS! Once I am done with school, and interning at Science World (Scholastic, Inc.), I will have some free time to devote here. For now, I leave you with a link to my most recent blog.

I will no longer carry on as a "nostalgia act," but do not fret, for "Crosstown Science" (I) will return from the ashes, fire and brimstone-amassed with student debts-REVITLIZED!

I leave you with this picture (above) from the June 2000 edition of Pediatrics. It's an x-ray of Festus in fetu, a condition in which a parasite-like twin grows inside its sibling. And you can read more about it in my blog for Scienceline! Farewell, until I graduate in December!!!


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